PLAY will enrich its offer with fixed broadband Internet on Vectra’s network.

Today P4 sp. z o.o. “(PLAY”) the largest mobile network in Poland, wholly owned subsidiary of Play Communications S.A., and Vectra S.A. (“Vectra”), the second largest cable operator in Poland, signed a cooperation agreement regarding availability of Vectra’s broadband network to PLAY. It is a consistent development for PLAY’s mobile centric strategy, as the reselling of Vectra’s fixed broadband access will represent an ideal complement to PLAY’s own mobile services’ portfolio. PLAY Vectra agreement is based on a wholesale price per connected home. Vectra will provide PLAY with the connection/installation and the white-label router. The deal does not include any upfront fee or Capex investment from PLAY. Both parties will connect their IT and PLAY will manage marketing and sales.

Vectra’s fibre-based network currently covers more than 2.7 million households. Vectra’s backbone network is one of the leading data communications networks in Poland. Using the latest DOCSIS technologies, Vectra provides Internet data speeds up to 600 Mb/s and soon 1 Gb/s. Close cooperation with Vectra will allow the fixed broadband offer to be available under PLAY brand in PLAY distribution network in the entire footprint of Vectra network. PLAY NOW TV will be available on PLAY’s fixed broadband Internet. Both companies are planning to connect the first PLAY customers in Q1 2020.

“We are very pleased with this opportunity to further extend our cooperation with Vectra. We are looking forward to offering our customers fixed broadband Internet on the wide reach, with the easiness to connect and to use Vectra’s broadband network. Vectra’s superfast DOCSIS fixed Internet is the perfect complement to PLAY’s 5G READY superfast mobile Internet.” - said Jean Marc Harion, CEO of PLAY.

“Fixed broadband access is another strategic step for both companies, following our partnerships in MVNO, backhaul transmission and traffic transit. I would say it is a unique cooperation of that scale on the Polish market. Our companies have been collaborating for many years and we share the same entrepreneurship values and spirit.” – said Tomasz Żurański, CEO of Vectra.